Air conditioning

Project 3

Mr & Mrs M contacted us regarding having a unit installed into their Bedroom.

Their bedroom was south facing and had the sun beaming through the windows all day. The location of their house was on a main road which meant leaving the window open which subjected them to lots of traffic noise and also worried them relating to their security.

We attended to ascertain their exact needs and requirement. Mr & Mrs M did not have wall space for a unit and did not want a lower level unit installed.

Ambient Services came up with the exact design requirements for their needs. We installed a unit which is concealed in a high bedroom cupboard, this also means the unit is not on show. They have a remote control which means they don’t have to leave their bed to turn the air conditioning on or off.

Mr & Mrs M couldn’t be happier, as now they don’t have to worry about security or noise. They have a unit that is hidden away in a cupboard and their bedroom is now always the exact temperature that they require.

Date: 3rd June 2016