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Residential Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is an efficient, economic way to keep your home at a temperature you prefer. We offer a complete range of air conditioning units to suit your needs. Installing air conditioning in your whole house, your bedrooms, kitchen or conservatories is no longer an unaffordable luxury. Most homeowners in the UK simply accept the cost for heating, but few appreciate the benefit of being able to remove that unwanted heat from your home during the summer. Our modern, efficient units are designed to heat and cool with whisper-quiet operation.

Our units re-circulate the air within the room to trap dust, smoke and pollens benefiting people suffering from respiratory issues such as Asthma. The benefits of our air conditioning do not just stop there. You can sleep better at night while our system achieves a comfortable temperature for you. Air conditioning not only enables you to keep your windows closed adding to security, but also means you can shut out unwanted insects, traffic and aircraft noise. Conservatories and loft conversions are typically far too hot in the summer and difficult to keep warm in the winter, but now you can enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round.

Ambient Services can advise you on the best air conditioning system for your requirements. All systems supplied are energy efficient, whisper quiet, environmentally friendly and from leading manufacturers. Installing a high quality air conditioning system gives you total control to create a relaxing environment from the comfort of your own chair. Bliss.

Residential Air Conditioning

Unit Types

Amb 06

Wall Mounted Unit

Our most popular indoor unit. It is stylish and modern, installed at high level with excellent air distribution.


Concealed Unit

The concealed unit is perfect if you want a more discreet look. It can be installed within loft spaces or adjacent rooms leaving your décor unblemished, with the conditioned air being distributed through grilles in the wall or ceiling.

Amb 08

Floor Mounted Unit

The vertical and wide angle louvers ensure that air reaches all corners of the room and increase the air flow coverage. It can be used for floor standing or lower wall applications. As a floor standing model, this can be semi or fully recessed without loss of capacity.


Flex Unit

This can be installed at low level, on dwarf walls in conservatories and loft conversions, or can even be mounted under ceiling when wall space isn’t available. A versatile unit suited to even the trickiest of rooms.

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